General School Safety Guidance

The Office of School Safety (OSS) Resource Center provides information to the general public, including all students, parents, school staff and law enforcement throughout Wisconsin. The public can contact the OSS Resource Center for questions regarding school safety best practices such as building security, school safety related training, 2017 Wisconsin ACT 143 requirements, grant funding, or other topics as necessary. Users can contact the OSS Resource Center two ways:

Below are more resources: 

Wisconsin Comprehensive School Security Framework

The Comprehensive School Security Framework offers a comprehensive set of considerations, best practices, and procedures to support the efforts of local schools and communities. This document can guide local efforts to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from violence.

2017 Wisconsin ACT 143 Requirements 

2017 Wisconsin Act 143 requires public and private schools to submit the following information to the OSS. Please note that this requirement is independent of school safety grant funding. While grant applicants may have provided some of this information previously, the statutory requirements in Act 143 apply to all schools, regardless of whether the school applied for grant funds.


2017 Wisconsin Act 143, Legislative Memo
2017 Wisconsin Act 143, Statutory Text

Act 143 2021 - 2022 Submissions

The OSS developed a checklist for the ACT 143 2021-2022 submissions due before January 1, 2022. This checklist includes all five requirements with check boxes to assist you in understanding what is required to upload into Sharefile for each of your school buildings.  Please read and complete the ACT 143 Requirement Checklist and upload the necessary required documents in the corresponding Due by 1-1-2022 folders (upload instructions below). Then send this completed checklist to the OSS at The OSS will use this form to assist us in working with schools that are not yet compliant and might need our assistance for 2021-2022 requirements.

Please note that the OSS gathers a lot of information about your specific school buildings each year. We may have made those changes in Sharefile which may cause your school folders to look a little different. If at any time, your school district or private school closes their building, opens a new building , changes their address, or is currently listed incorrectly in Sharefile please let us know at or 1-800-MY-SUSO-1.

How to Submit Information

The OSS developed a Sharefile folder in order to provide one location to submit the required information. Here is a link to directions for accessing your account and how to proceed with uploading thereafter.
The link to the Sharefile is found inside the above instructions and is used to upload the required documents. Sharefile requires you to provide your name and email address and you will be given access to only the school(s) for which you represent. Do not share this link with any person outside of your school, as Sharefile only allows access to those assigned to the folder. 
Each school's folder contains subfolders for the five 2017 Wisconsin ACT 143 requirements. 

  1. Blueprints/maps
  2. Safety assessments
  3. Safety plans
  4. Violence drills
  5. School safety training

**The folder titled "Threat Assessments" does not require documents to be uploaded at this time. This folder is intended for future use.

2017 Wisconsin ACT 143 required document resources

Safety Assessments and Safety Plans

School Safety Drills

Act 143 requires schools to conduct at least one annual drill in the proper response to a school violence event and submit a brief written summary to their school board or private school's governing body within 30 days of the drill. Schools may use this documentation to satisfy this requirement